Sunday, November 30, 2014

Influenster love

I have been a member of since 2011 and love it.  Not only do you get a chance to try new products and tell the world but also get help from other members as well.  There are pages to write reviews as well as read them about almost any product out there that you might be looking for.  Get ideas for gifts this holiday season and more.  When you qualify for a voxbox filled with goodies, you have challenges to meet and they are so much fun.   Enter to win more prizes by doing great challenges.  You might get a chance to get a box filled with chocolates to pampering items.  You have nothing to loose and lots to gain. Be sure to get the Influenster app as well to get in the go information and never miss a thing. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mas Color Laundry Detergent and Mother's Day

My mother has always been my hero and inspiration.  She raised 3 rotten kids almost all by herself and we grew up to be independant and successful adults.  I remember spending every weekend with my mom at the laundry mat and helping her get all the clothes washed that the 3 rotten kids (including me) created.  As much as spending the day at the laundry mat was well not the perfect day it is something I will never forget.  Standing side by side with mom, washing, drying and folding up all the clothes and just spending that time with her.

This month Mas Color detergent is hosting a Hispanic Mother's Day sweepstakes and you can go here and sign up.  One lucky fan will win $1000.

Mas Detergent is now available at Walmart.

Soft Scrub Mold and Mildew Stain Remover

I am a huge fan of Soft Scrub (like them on facebook) and they have come out with another great product to use around the house.  I have been giving the opportunity from Purex and Soft Scrub to try this Mold and Mildew stain remover and I am very impressed.  I do not have a lot of mold or mildew issues in my house but my shower curtain does.  So I tried this on my shower curtain to see how well it worked, I usually have to go and buy a new curtain every few years because I get tired of the chore of cleaning it.  I can not believe how well this mold and mildew stain remover worked on my shower curtain and I did not even have to use a lot of elbow grease to get it clean.  Now I do not have to go and buy another curtain!
-No harsh fumes or overspray
-Spray gel that clings to stains
-Cleans tile, grout, tubs and showers
Tough on stains but gentle on surfaces

Soft Scrub is hosting a sweepstakes with the release of this new mold and mildew remover. One lucky winner will receive $1000 and a year supply of Soft Scrub and 250 others will win a free Soft Scrub product. Click the sweepstakes link and enter today.

*All opinions expressed are my own.

3 lucky readers will get a chance to try this Soft Scrub product.  I am making this one super easy....Just leave me a comment below telling me what you would use this new Soft Scrub cleaner on.  Good Luck to all ;)  I will pick winners on May 18th.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Green Grab Bag review

 Green Grab bag is yet another company that I found that is awesome and offers a monthly subscription for $15 a month.  The difference with this box is that you get samples from different companies that are natural, organic and vegan.  I received a complimentary box from Green Grab Bag for this review and to tell you about these sample packets that I received.
You can see the beautiful packed box that I received and then pictures of every sample that was inside the box.
1st pic: La Isha Orange - Coconut Skin Polish retail $50 a yummy scrub that gives you professional results
2nd: Colorado Aromatics Razz Tightening Serum retails for $15.45 lifts and tightens skin while banishing puffy eyes.
3rd: Merlot Natural Grape Seed Skin care 100% pure grape seed oil retails for $10-$15.  Soften cuticles and smooth flyaways, heal scars and moisturize dry skin.
4th: The Gnarly Whale Thai Coconut Beach Waves retails for $12. Spray on damp hair and show off your beach locks
5th: Alex and Co. Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm retail $4 Moisturize those dry lips
6th: Aimee's Lotions 'n' Potions Organic Facial Cream retails for $13.95 to $24.95 minimize lines and wrinkles with the vitamin rich moisturizer.

Check out Green Grab Bag and get your subscription today!

Starlooks Starbox

 This has to be one of the best subscriptions that I have come across.  I was given a complimentary box from StarLooks for a review and to tell you, my readers about all the great products in this little box to the left.

Every month you can subscribe to Starlooks for $15 and get great products to try.  Each month is a different theme month and the month that I received fits me to a tee!!  I am a natural looks kinda lady and this box was all about looking natural and I received $50 worth of product for what would be a $15 subscription.

Do you want to see what was in my box??
  This box was wrapped so pretty and set up so nice inside.  Here is what the box looked like inside with 4 full size products plus every bx has a crystal which is the symbol for beauty and energy.

April starbox came with these fantastic products (pictured below)

Translucent Mineral Powder: Retail $19 and is a great powder to show your natural beauty and take out the shine from sweat and oil.

Mascara Primer: Retail $15 Add moisture to your lashes and make them thicker

Tendergloss: Retail $11 with a touch of shimmer or a natural nude

Mint SPF Lip Balm: Retail $5 a lip scrub and balm to make your lips smooth all day.

Make sure to check out Starlooks  and get your subscription today
Also check out their facebook page
Follow them on Twitter

Starlooks is cruelty free and are lead and emollient free.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

2 great sales from Nature's Sleep

Time for Spring Cleaning! When was the last time you replaced your pillows? If you're like most of us it has probably been a while. Now  you can get stocked on pillows and save $$$ at the same time. Currently Nature's Sleep is having a  sale on their memory foam pillows.  Buy one pillow, and  get another one of the same size and style absolutely free. What's better is that shipping is free as well! So hurry up and catch this great sale while it lasts! This deal ends on 5/11/2013. US only. Use code BOGOPILLOW Shop Now! 

You can save 55% off at Nature's Sleep, this sale is huge! Shop at Nature's Sleep to save 55% off of anything in your cart(excluding adjustable foundations). Now is a great time to get a new memory foam mattress, pillow, or even slippers at a ridiculously low price. Hurry, this sale won't last forever! Use code SHOP55. Shop Now!
This sale runs from 5/12 to 5/22 and includes free shipping. U.S. Only.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Fast Metabolism Diet book and Mommyparty

I was so excited for this Mommy Party that is all about eating healthier and finding great recipes to live a healthier life.  Mommy Party provided me with lots of things to make a fantastic party for my friends, family and I to learn about great ways to be healthier including "The Fast Metabolism Diet" book.

Here are some of the fabulous items that helped me plan the perfect party.  This book was the highlight of my party.  It has wonderful recipes and great tips on how to lose up to 20 pounds in 28 days.  You start in phases like phase one is lots of carbs and fruit. Tells you all about myths that you hear, like if I eat less I will lose!
DO: Eat more to speed up your metabolism!  Eat 5 times a day.  Eat every 3-4 hours and stay on this plan for 28 days and more.
DON'T: Alcohol, Corn, caffeine (my down fall) and more.
I am taking baby steps but I know I can get on this plan and feel so much better about myself.  I am also getting my husband to work the plan with me.  He has a sweet tooth worse then mine and also loves his Mountain Dew!
The best part about this book is that the recipes are easy and probably things that you already eat but different ways to make it.
My favorite is Roast Beef stuffed Green Chili Pepper.... oh my! Or how about stuffed mushrooms (already a meal at our house) just with a lean meat instead of the meat I used in the past.
I am sure that you are thinking that you will have to give up so much when you diet but really you are only giving up the things that are the worst for your body.

Along with this book I was also giving the chance to try a great Natural and Organic meat with my family by Applegate.  We opted for Smoked Pork Keilbasa and Roasted Turkey Breast for sandwiches.  Of course some wrinkled their noses when they seen these to try but were pleasantly surprised when they tasted them.  Applegate was founded in 1987 and they network with nearly 1,000 farms.  Their meat line includes Bacon, Sausages, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Breaded Chicken and more.  There are no antibiotics, no chemical preservatives or chemical nitrates, no growth hormones and no fillers.  Love it!

We tried some fantastic smoothies and great little dishes.  We even tried Celestial teas that are 100% natural.  I hope that you enjoy my pictures and see how happy my guests are with their new books.
I do have one book left and would love to give it away to a lucky reader.  Easy easy entry through rafflecopter below.

*Mommy Party provided me with samples to distribute and review.  However all opinions are my own.

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Ant and Roach Season is coming! Are you prepared?

 I know that every year as soon as the weather starts to warm up the bugs appear all over the place.  I have not come across any roaches but I sure have seen the ants.  I know that I am prepared for the ants that start marching into my kitchen this year better then I have in the past.  It never fails that the ants make a trail from my back door to the counter top in my kitchen searching for some goodies.  I have used other brands in the past to only find that it works for a few days and then they are back.  Last year I was introduced to Combat and I will use them for all my pest issues for now on.  The ant bait strips are really easy to use.  The ants will find the bait strip and eat the bait.  Then they take the bait back to the nest or colony.  The colony gets exposed to the bait and the entire colony is then destroyed... bye bye ants!  This new bait strip is easy to apply and very discreet unlike other baits.  Instead of having the bait hang out on my counter so that it does not spill, I can put this strip under my cabinet and not even worry about the ants making it to the counter top. I must warn you that the bait strip can hurt humans and animals, so do not leave out where it can be mistaken for something else.  This is also a reason why this strip is great because it can be well hidden from pets and kids.  

Including the ant strips, Combat has also come out with a roach strip that is easy to use and functions just like the ant strips.  The best way to get rid of these pests it to put the strips where you have seen activity and you know that the pest will come back to.  The strip has a sweet odor that attracts the nasty pests.

To help promote their new products, Combat is also running a sweeps where one lucky entry will receive $1000.  You can enter here

While you wait for this sweeps to end as well.  Enter my giveaway to win your choice of either ant or roach bait.  1 lucky reader will be picked by rafflecopter.  Good luck and thank you for reading.

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Another Great Product by Soft Scrub 4-in-1 Toilet Care

Soft Scrub has yet another great product hitting the shelves.
4-in-1 toilet care that cleans, prevents buildup, fights toilet ring and freshens the bathroom for up to 4 weeks.  It comes in a plastic cage that holds the cleaners in place and water activates the cleaner with each flush.  It retails for less then $2 a package and available at Walmart.
Do you find that other brands hangers never last long enough or are not effective?  I put this in my toilet about a 1-2 weeks ago and at first I did not think it was working.  So I moved it around and tried other parts of the bowl and finally found that it works a lot better when sitting under a good rush of water.  Not only do you see the bubbles from the chemicals that are cleaning the toilet but also you can smell the freshness every time you flush.  I would prefer to not have waste after using a product, like the cage that the chemical balls sit in but this is a great product and has lasted a lot longer then I thought it would and still going strong in my bathroom.
With the release of this new toilet care product, Soft Scrub is running a sweeps.  One lucky Soft Scrub entry will win $1000 and 250 will win a Soft Scrub toilet cleaner.  You can enter here.
Why you wait for the sweeps to end and see if you are a lucky fan you can enter my easy contest where I am giving away 3 of these toilet cleaners to 3 lucky readers.  Enter below and good luck to all.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nature's Sleep Slipper Sale

It is time for Spring! How do you celebrate? How about celebrating with Nature's Sleep and get a pair of slippers or two or three at 75% off! Let your feet be pampered in memory foam.
Coupon is good until April 8, 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wilson's Leather Coat and Tote

Have you seen the new arrivals at Wilson's Leather this Spring?  I have been shopping with Wilson's Leather since I was 18 years old and love their coats.  My husband on the other hand has never stepped foot into a Wilson's Leather until I introduced him to it recently and now he is in LOVE.  He picked out a few coats that he wants (he has had the same leather coat for 10+ years) and I am so happy because I can finally get him to retire the other coat he has.  Me, on the other hand, I seem to buy a new coat every season!  This Spring I now have a new beautiful coat from Wilson's Leather and it is a perfect fit for me.
Check it out!!!
Black Rivet Fabric Trench Coat w/
Peplum Waist
This is such a beautiful coat for Spring and it comes in 4 different colors black, yellow, blue and white. I included a picture of the other color I really liked.  It fits to the waist and ties off to give that slimming effect.  I know it is a little hard to see in the picture but the lining is absolutely gorgeous in a blue and yellow print.  Select from size XS to XXL.  The brand is Black Rivet and their coats are made to work with casual to business attire.  The shell is made from 57% cotton and 43% Polyester and the lining is 100% polyester.  You can machine wash cold and use a warm iron if needed but I don't see any need to iron it yet since the fabric doesn't seem to wrinkle.  It is great for rainy, snow and sun shiny days.  I do recommend to wear thicker clothing if you wear this in winter though.  It retails for $180 but right now it is marked down to $54!!!  What a steal and you can buy it online  or find it in their retail stores.
Personally I would go to the store when purchasing a coat, I usually have to buy 1 size up to fit me right (luckily, I did that when I ordered mine online).  I had a little bit of a hard time with the sleeves but...I did learn something new from my husband that helps if sleeves do not fit right for you, there is a tear away thread inside the coat near the arm pit that you can alter and it loosens up the sleeves for easier movement. Thank you, my know it all Hubs;), you are a coat saver.  Go and check out all the great styles that Wilson's Leather has to offer and see the great deals and steals that are going on now.

What woman does not change out her purse and has a collection hidden somewhere in her house.  I seem to keep collecting more and more.  So I decided this year to get rid of some of the older ones and start looking for new, more updated styles when I came across this beauty at Wilson's Leather.

 Andrew Marc Studio Hampton Faux Leather Tote
Isn't She beautiful.  I love black because it is professional as well as casual, but look you can get this tote in other colors as well including pink or white.  Retail is $160 but on sale for $79.99 online.  Pockets on both sides and many compartments inside.  Look at the beautiful pattern inside this tote! I even included a picture of the pink style tote.  It is plenty big and you may even be able to get the kitchen sink in there.  I tend to gather a ton of things in my bags.  I took this bag with me on a 3 day trip and it was a life saver, I could carry everything including my bulky camera every where I went and it did not hurt my shoulder.  It can withstand all kinds of weather, I know this because one day it rained, 2nd day it snowed and 3rd day was sunny and nothing affected this bag. It did not leave any stains or water marks behind.  The double handle has a drop length of 7", top zipper closure, fully lined and measures 13"W x 13"H x 4"D
If you are not into the shoulder bag you can attach the extended strap to make it a cross body bag.

Make sure to check out Wilson's Leather and see all the great deals they have going on now, 70% off the retail price.  Also you have many different options for paying with Wilson's Leather online including BillMeLater which I have used for many years and it is wonderful.

*Wilson' Leather provided me with a coat and tote in exchange for a review.  However, all opinion express here are my own.

Well I know that many of my readers have been waiting on this fantastic giveaway!  Wilson's Leather is giving one of my lucky readers a Andrew Marc Studio Hampton Faux Leather Tote!!!!!!!   I am not going to make this easy but rafflecopter is how you will enter.  You have many chances to enter, the more you do the better your chances are!!!  Have fun, refer your friends and GOOD LUCK.  It is worth the time!

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Dial Kids Body and Hair Wash review

For 65 years, Dial has been making personal care products and now they have expanded to kids personal care.  My mother always packed Dial soap when I was a kid.  She trusts every thing about Dial and their ingredients.  Dial has Kids Body and Hair wash formulated for kids aged 2+ and 6+.  Developed with pediatric dermatologists these formulas help parents make smart decisions when it comes to kids skin.  The 2 in 1 formula combines shampoo and body wash for a speedy clean.

Dial Kids Body and Hair Wash for ages 2-5 is perfect for kids that have outgrown traditional newborn soaps but not ready for adult strength hair and body washes.  It has a distinct peachy smell that provides ultra gentle cleaning with a light scent.  It is also a tear free formula perfect for the restless kids that can not sit still while you wash their hair.

Dial Kids Body and Hair Wash for ages 6+ offers a mild cleansing without drying out their skin.  It comes in 2 different scents Watery Berry and Berry Cool.  It contains bright, vibrant colors and fun scents for that bath time fun.  All Dial Kids washes are Hypoallergenic, no artificial dyes or added parabens and ph balanced.

3 lucky readers will be receiving a coupon for a free bottle of their choice to share with their little ones.  Just fill out the rafflecopter below and good luck to all.

*The Dial Brand provided me with a sample of Dial Kids Body and Hair wash in exchange for a product review.  However, all opinions are my own.

The Dial brand is also hosting a lucky entry will receive $1000 while 250 lucky entries will receive a coupon for a free bottle of Dial kids.  Enter here and good luck.

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